Arizona State University pushing NAU

Despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, those who still don't believe that the North American Union - joining the U.S., Canada, and Mexico into one country - is being pushed by influential sources are invited to poke around this site:
The "Building North America" project began with a website, originally launched in 2000 and hosted by the Americas Society-Council of the Americas, which provided links (with editorial comment) to hundreds of sites of interest to the growing community of "North Americanists." This site was inspired by the notion that economic integration in the NAFTA Triad (Canada-U.S.-Mexico) was advancing despite the lack of press and public attention it received... ...the PanAmerican Partnership for Business Education launched a consortium of four North American business schools to promote a new generation of entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge of these integration trends in the region... ...[the site is] hosted by the North American Center for Transborder Studies (NACTS) at Arizona State University and with the cooperation of our Partners, the Americas Society-Council of the Americas, and the Kansas City, Missouri International Affairs and Trade Office. We are still faced with a regional integration process that advances and deepens without the kind of attention – either within the academy or in government circles, let alone the general public – enjoyed in Europe...
Wait, there's much more:
The program openly advocates for the integration of economic issues across the continent, and in many places goes further – such as the call for a common North American currency.

One teaching module made available online for professors to integrate into their teachings was written by George Haynal, senior fellow at the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, and implied a joint military is required. Since the security of the continent "is a joint need; it should be supplied as a common enterprise."

"Given the nature of the threats against our security in the current environment, the first task is to reinvent 'borders.' We must exercise the responsibility for protecting our society against external threats where we can do so most effectively, not where infrastructures happens to be in place," he added. "Multilateral cooperation is going to be essential among governments."

"It is clear, to me at least, that we must … move beyond NAFTA and do so with a purposeful determination," he wrote...
These people could buy SuperBowl commercials promoting the North American Union and apologists like Michael Medved would still keep trying to deny it.


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