Federal Reserve is completely corrupt (Directo a Mexico)

The U.S. Federal Reserve is encouraging and profiting from illegal immigration by tapping into the remittances market (money sent from workers in the U.S. back to their home countries).

A significant portion of the money sent to Mexico was earned by illegal aliens who were involved with the illegal activity associated with illegal immigration: illegally entering the U.S., document fraud, ID theft, hiring an illegal alien, etc.

Now, Judicial Watch has obtained some of the Fed's marketing materials (PDF file) associated with the Fed's "Direct to Mexico" scheme. Those materials include a poster, a brochure, and the text of a radio ad (all in Spanish). And, in the PDF they give a chart of the number of "Migrants" in each U.S. state, as well as the number of "Migrants" coming to the U.S. from various Mexican states. Needless to say, the word illegal or even undocumented doesn't appear anywhere.

It's bad enough when small banks have tried to profit from illegal immigration. When the top levels of the government do it, it indicates an extremely dangerous situation. If they are able to do this, what else will they do?

I haven't been able to find exactly who can be contacted in this matter; the Fed's Board of Governors would probably be the group that approved this scheme. Contacting them might be an option, but the best bet might be to contact the members of the House Committee on Financial Services' Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee (financialservices.house.gov/members.asp?comm=4).


What don't people understand about the north american union this is only one more move by the rats, Gold is King and in the future people without it will not be happy campers, but may become the hunted one's. and yes the mexico drug Government is and will become the government that you live under if that government allows you to live! immigration is only one more way of saying "we kill Americans", and after all if you don't fight for your life you have no right to be alive.