Violent MSU lefties disrupt Tancredo speech

Rep. Tom Tancredo tried to give a speech yesterday at Michigan State University's law school. Leftie protesters apparently pulled the fire alarm twice, and also attacked organizers:

"One was spit on, one was kicked, and one was punched," Tancredo said in an e-mail. "Tires were also slashed."

The protesters reportedly used to organize, so if anyone has an account there please post the information. And:

The people who attended to oppose the event said they came to represent themselves β€” not the minority campus groups with which they are affiliated.

One of those mentioned is Claudia Gonzalez; this page says someone by that same name is "a member of the Radical Chicano Student Union".

Another protester is Randy McPherson, who appears to have been one of "Jeter's Leaders".

Note that the sidebar in the first link in this post quotes Tim Dickinson/Rolling Stone's misleading, pro-illegal immigration propaganda.


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Ah, yes. Sensitive left-wing Nazis, just doing their thing....

The irony would be lost, I'm afraid; the more intelligent amongst them might offer 'The end justifies the means' in return.

Racially sensitive political correctness has amazing power. No matter how many statistics you would cite to show how bad uncontrolled immigration is -- e.g. the terrible demographic profile of Hispanics, the spread of poverty and income inequality etc etc -- no one would be swayed.

Ah, yes. Sensitive left-wing Nazis, just doing their thing....

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