Nancy Pelosi unions/vineyards smear debunked!

How do you know when ABC's San Francisco affiliate does an "investigative report"? When Nancy Pelosi is being attacked, of course. That station offers a report "debunking" claims that the workers at her vineyards and at a resort that she co-owns are not members of unions.

However, since that report is being crowed about by Think Progress, you know there's got to be something wrong with it. Namely, the claim that the workforce is non-union has not been debunked. All the report says is that her workers are supposedly paid a higher wage than those who are union. And, the only evidence for that comes from a local pastor. And, supposedly Pelosi is prohibited by law from asking her workers to join a union.

The "investigative report" doesn't attempt to ask whether Nanci is employing illegal aliens on her vineyards, or whether they're employed at the resort.

And, there's also the slight possibility that Nancy Pelosi is receiving an inflated price for her grapes (for one reason or another). She's only required to file a range of income for the vineyards, and that leads a lot of room for her to get a really premium price. Maybe ABC should look into that. Oops, that's not the kind of "investigative reports" they do.


Nice try, shithead. she employing illegal aliens? A legitimate question since the CA workforce is rife with them, especially in the ag sector. Or do you really believe that employers of illegal aliens are as rare as serial killers?

If her workforce is non-union, then that is the choice of her workforce. It would be ILLEGAL under CA law for her to encourage her workers to unionize.

So, given your standard, since it is illegal in CA to encourage your workers to unionize, any democract opening a business in CA *instantly* becomes a hypocrite, because at that very moment they have non-union employees.

And yes, nobody has investigated whether or not illegal aliens work on her vineyards.
Also, nobody has investigated whether or not she is a serial killer who has buried the corpses of hundreds of people in her fields.
Furthermore, nobody has investigated whether or not she is presonally responsible for the McKinley assassination.

Since nobody has investigated those things, it's then clear that she must be GUILTY of those things.