Arizona Sen. Karen Johnson opposes NAU

Arizona Sen. Karen Johnson (R-Mesa) has come out against the NAU, Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services reports.

She seems to have a good understanding of the issues involved:

Johnson, who will head the Senate Education Committee this coming session, said the signs already are there, from an "inland port" in Kansas City and construction of a superhighway corridor through Texas to the lack of any real action in building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico... "It's all because it's going to be open," Johnson told Capitol Media Services. "It's all going to be a 'North American community,' just like the European Union," complete with the creation of a single currency just like the Euro... ...Johnson said she wants congressional hearings on the process. And she said if federal lawmakers determine that Bush is undermining national sovereignty that would be an impeachable offense...

Unfortunately, Fischer attempts to verify her claims with this:

White House press aide Alex Conant said Johnson has no reason for concern... "This cooperative effort aims to make the U.S., Canada and Mexico more open to fair trade and less open to terrorism and crime," he said...

While Fischer does mention Schlafly's articles (without providing a link), he then closes with this:

In 2000 Johnson introduced a resolution calling for abolition of the federal government and allowing individual states to reassume their sovereign rights if the president, Congress or any other federal agent were to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution. These states then would be free to form a new nation.

That doesn't sound too outrageous to me, but I can understand how some might attempt to weave that into general attempts to portray those opposed to the NAU as tinfoil hatters or Birchers; see the comments attached to the article for examples of such attempts.


Jeebie is right. but ask if bush is part of mexico city boys? is bush doing a job for others who control him?..and yes see Lou Dobbs.

but also ask how long before the system starts to eat you and your kids, the deal is made and you are the only people on earth and in history that would let some other people and political non ideals take what is yours without a fight to the death.

its not just culture or race its the ideals of right and wrong and freedom and laws of a people.

by the way if mexico gets what it wants and if it gets what it wants and gets its political and culture way you can forget tolenance, forget rights and say hi to enslavement and death.

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On the issue presented. If congress isn't already in with the president on this one, if any one of them had two brain cells left, they would have long ago noted his conduct has been impeachable. Failure to protect the nation from invasion. NAU? Treason. Why do we ignore it? The fence is down, the bulldozers are at work. Its happening right before our eyes and ears. Keep talking, Sen. Johnson. Many thanks to Schlafly, and Lou Dobbs. Don't let this one out of your sight for a minute. Its coming fast.