Nancy Pelosi's culture of corruption

Speculation continues to mount as the mainstream media digs ever deeper into Nancy Pelosi's questionable business dealings and asks repeatedly whether Pelosi is part of the "Culture of Corruption".

Well, OK, so the media hasn't done that, prefering instead to offer puff pieces like "Nancy Pelosi Is Ready to Be Voice of the Majority".

While we're waiting for the MSM to do some slight version of investigative journalism:

"Nancy Pelosi's Sour Grapes" was a Halloween editorial from IBD discussing the possibility that Nanci employs illegal alien workers at her vineyards in California's Napa Valley. They don't discuss the possibility that someone is buying her grapes for an inflated price in order to mask donations, because she only lists a range of income from her properties and not an exact figure. I first linked to an article discussing this very topic over three and a half years ago, and as far as I know not a single MSM source has done any investigative journalism into this matter.

"Doug From Upland" has apparently discovered that at the least her vineyards and a property of which she's a co-owner don't employ union workers, despite her being a strong union supporter. See the video here and the thread here. There's video of KSFO's Melanie Morgan claiming that Nancy employs illegal aliens here, although as far as I know no one has stepped forward.

Stone Phillips, are you listening? I'm thinking a backlit interview with a former Nancy employee.

Then, there's "The real Nancy Pelosi — multi-millionaire, resort, dining and winery baroness who profits from non-union labor". And, there's "Pelosi's Land Deals May Put Reid's To Shame". And, earmarks!

And, the MSM should get out their owl masks, because Nancy's husband Paul Pelosi appears to be a member of the super-secretive Bohemian Club, the group that leads fun camp-outs at Bohemian Grove.


Fred, agree with you, as always it seems. I will enjoy watching nancy swoon with dreams of power for a while. All the more enjoyable to watch the fall, when her dreams of glory,corporate-globalism, and the sanfrancisco-ization of America come crashing down.

isn't she( nancy pelosi's ) part of the mexico city deal? this rat is the most corrupt pig in washington, but what can you do?, I think many of us understand what MUST be done in the end game! pick a side form units and stay alive or become a thing for mexico city and bin laden.

its all about freedom and laws ask what will happen when the little rats have the rights to put you in a camp system, don't be the new jew.

check nancy pelosi's family out what her family did in world war two. look at the FBI File on her grandfather.