2006 Endorsements, Part 1

The following are more suggestions than endorsements, and in many cases these are votes against their opponents. And, this list will be augmented with other candidates later:

*** Governor ***
- Art Olivier (L,CA) (against Arnold Schwarzenegger/Maria Shriver/Karl Rove)
- Lynn Swann (R,PA) (against America's most anti-American governor, Ed Rendell)
- Tim Pawlenty (R,MN) (against Mike Hatch; provisional: 1,2)
- Jim Barnett (R,KS) (against Kathleen Sebelius; also 1,2)
- John Faso (R,NY) (against the odious Eliot Spitzer)

*** Senate ***
- Michael Steele (R,MD) (against Ben Cardin)
- Rick Santorum (R,PA) (against Bob Casey; video at the link; see also a video I made)
- Mike Bouchard (R,MI) (against Debbie Stabenow)
- George Allen R/James Webb D (VA): toss-up (while the anti-Allen smears are disgusting, if Webb is opposed to illegal immigration that might be interesting)

*** House ***
- Tom Tancredo (R,CO) (against Bill Winter)
- Tan Nguyen (R,CA) (against Loretta Sanchez)
- Randy Graf (R,AZ)
- Russell Pearce (R,AZ)
- J.D. Hayworth (R,AZ)
- Peter King (R,NY) (against Dave Mejias)
- John Hostettler (R,IN) (against Brad Ellsworth)
- Tom Davis R/Andrew Hurst D (VA): provisional toss-up, see this

*** CA Assembly ***
- Tony Dolz 41st (against Julia Brownley: 1,2,3)

*** Misc ***
- Debra Bowen (CA Secretary of State) (against Bruce "MALDEF" McPherson)

For the immigration-related votes or viewpoints of other candidates, see this site.


I don't care if Debra Bowen is Cruz Bustamante in drag. Based on the MALDEF/NCLR letter, McPherson does not deserve any public office. Bowen is the only real challenger.

Regarding James Webb, I found these comments he's made on illegal aliens:


I'm not exceedingly encouraged by them.

I heard someone mention on LA talk radio that Debra Bowen is a typical open borders type. Anyone have any solid info on her position on that topic?