Ramos/Compean: smear? CBP head won't criticize prosecution

The latest on the case of Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean - who appear to have been railroaded by our government - includes the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Ralph Basham, refusing to "criticize [their] prosecution" (link). Regarding the letter that twelve House members sent asking for an investigation, Tony Snow says:
"Let's wait and see what the hearing produces... I believe you have 12 people who want to have a hearing, and we'll be interested in seeing what those hearings provide."
On Friday, Snow also said this regarding his earlier "nonsensical" comment:
"I wasn't trying to embarrass anyone," Snow told Joseph Farah, editor of WND. "It's just that I am not permitted even to discuss pardons – to comment on them. This is the president's call alone."
And, from the "most likely a sleazy smear" department comes "Report: Agents 'out to shoot Mexicans'".
Department of Homeland Security officials told four House members last month that two Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug smuggler admitted to supervisors that they were "out to shoot Mexicans" the day of the shooting, but have yet to provide proof the agents made such statements.

In an effort to convince four concerned congressman that the El Paso, Texas, trial, conviction and sentencing of Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were warranted, representatives of the Homeland Security Office of Inspector General met privately with the congressmen to assure them of Ramos' and Compean's guilt.

...Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, one of the congressmen at the private meeting, said he and three of his House colleagues were told by the OIG's office that the agents "were out to shoot Mexicans" and that the Department of Homeland Security had other damning information about Ramos' and Compean's actions the day that Aldrete-Davila was wounded.

...Those officials, however, did not provide proof of the agents' supposed confession. Instead, they said they would provide the information after last week's sentencing hearing, according to the congressmen.

Two of the congressmen, along with National Border Patrol Council President TJ Bonner and Andy Ramirez, chairman of the Chino-based Friends of the Border Patrol, now are demanding that the OIG immediately provide the evidence promised. Both organizations have publicly supported Ramos and Compean.

Officials at the DHS Office of Inspector General did not return phone calls for comment.

"They will provide us the information we requested," Poe said. "They will either provide it informally or they will be doing it formally." ..."These outrageous fabrications were clearly intended to derail the congressional investigation into the circumstances underlying the prosecution of two innocent Border Patrol agents," [National Border Patrol Council President TJ Bonner] said...
There's even more, including the possibility that prosecutor Johnny Sutton was caught in a lie.

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