NAU: "dialogue" or coup d'etat? - home of the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" - has somewhat responded to the increasing attention they've been getting by posting a "Myths & Facts" section:

After glancing at that page, take a look at the long response in "Bush Administration Advances on Path of Creating North American Union". In addition to facts about the "dialogue", it includes the following:
...What appears to be going on within is not simply a dialogue, but a massive and on-going re-writing of U.S. administrative law to "integrate" or "harmonize" our administrative law with the corresponding administrative law of Mexico and Canada. A wide range of public policy areas are involved in the SPP re-write of U.S. administrative law, ranging from e-commerce, through air travel, steel policy, textile policy, energy policy, environmental issues, trusted trader programs, trusted traveler programs and biometric cards issued to citizens of the three countries. The resulting "trilateral agreements" are being achieved by SPP all without specific disclosure to the U.S. public or direct oversight examination by Congress.

Charges of this magnitude demand we consider the possibility that an executive branch coup d'etat is underway to create a new regional government below the radar of media, public, or congressional understanding or scrutiny...


Not so much a coup d'etat as a fait accomplit.