Roberto Maldonado: Cook County should be an illegal alien sanctuary

Via this we learn that Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado wants to make the county a sanctuary for illegal aliens ("County measure would shield illegal immigrants"). Chicago, Illinois is located there and it's already a sanctuary city.
[Maldonado], the measure's sponsor, said he wants to prevent the county from joining a growing group of local jurisdictions that are cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security to enforce immigration laws.

If the measure passes, Maldonado said, sheriff's deputies could not ask for immigration papers during traffic stops and county employees could not report suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities.

Maldonado said he has no evidence that county officials are currently doing that...
That same Commissioner was featured here in July: "Chicago Democrat wants Cook County to commit crimes". Believe or don't, he wants the county to hire illegal alien healthcare workers.

The blog post says this:
Maldanado is exactly the kind of anti-American that people who want to gin up hatred against Mexicans point to as "proof" that they are "all like that", that they will "all break the law". Maldonado should be removed from his position on the Cook County board over this inciting of illegal activity.
I agree with the second sentence, but not entirely with the first. While many Hispanics not involved with politics probably disagree with his attempts, there are very few Hispanic political leaders who are not like him. I'm not aware of any elected Hispanic Democrats who are not tireless ethnic boosters who fully support illegal immigration and who consistently put what's good for their race (and them) ahead of what's good for the country. With white Republican politicians, being a former member of a racial separatist group is a strong disqualifier; with Hispanic Democratic politicians it's a requirement in order to be echt.

And, since the Democratic Party does not censure or take any other action against people like Maldonado, we can safely assume that they fully support everything he stands for.


Having just driven from and (a couple of days later) to Midway airport, I can tell you parts of Chicago are an underclass shithole, with Black panhandlers walking up to your car at stoplights and asking for money (hint: remember to lock your doors). Now, everyone who thinks making the place an illegal alien sanctuary will improve on that situation please raise your hand. Real high, so I can see it.

the fact is most mexicans hate the USA Becuase most love mexico and its total corruption.
the fact is if the USA Was P.C. In world war two hitler and the jap rats would have beat the S Out of this nation and that is a fact. so you say most hispanic love the ideals of this nation but i don't see it i see only hate and the love of bin laden and drug dealers. so keep thinking you have people inside the corruption of mexico and the hispanic world and you will someday end up inside a camp system.