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Gravis Marketing is a communications company, specializing in public opinion polls, public relations, political strategy, and research.
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Per MPI, immigrants (all kinds) were 15% of population in 1870, 1890, & 1910 vs 13.3% in 2014. Ie, #Breitbart & @GravisMarketing are wrong.
.@asyoureadthis: .@GravisMarketing / #Breitbart poll says we have "record amounts of immigration". Is that accurate?
.@GravisMarketing: how can you stop Hill's amnesty agenda if you can't even ask a defensible #immigration poll question? #Breitbart #tcot
.@GravisMarketing: your claim we have "record amounts of immigration" is arguably false, & rest assured MMFA will make you look bad over it.
.@GravisMarketing: what are the "Breitbart/Gravis Immigration Poll" questions? Should I add it here: ?