Teamsters come out against "NAFTA superhighway"

From this:
The NAFTA superhighway, a north-south interstate trade corridor linking Mexico, Canada and the U.S., would mean U.S. truckers replaced by Mexicans, more unsafe rigs on American roads and more drivers relying on drugs for their long hauls, charges the International Brotherhood of Teamsters โ€“ the latest group to weigh in against the Bush administration plan.

The August issue of Teamster magazine features a cover story on the plan for an enlarged I-35 that will reach north from the drug capital border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 1,600 miles to Canada through San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Duluth, while I-69 originating at the same crossing will shoot north to Michigan and across the Canadian border...
Some of the interviews from the magazine don't entirely add up; some Mexican drivers say they drive 4500 km (around 2800 miles) in five or six nights but they need "magic dust" to do it. Your own blogger did 1250 miles in less than 48 hours, no magic involved. Yes, some of that was faster than most trucks drive, but I also took three short hikes along the way.

Details, details! In this case it's only the thought that matters, and perhaps the Teamsters can convince other unions to come around to a more American position than that they currently hold, and perhaps some unions might even somewhat reduce their support for illegal immigration.


Aren't you going to let the spookies who frequent this site comment about how this NAU is all a myth?