Hazleton's immigration enforcement to be only after the fact

From this:
..."We cannot and will not enforce immigration law; that’s the federal government's job," [Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta] said. "So, if ICE (the federal Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement) visits a plant and takes out employees as illegal, the city will follow up."

In those instances, Barletta said, city officials would visit the business involved and start asking questions about how it hired an illegal and whether it "knowingly" did so. If the city determines it did, the loss of business license would take effect.

Similarly, city officials would also determine whether anyone involved in the above-mentioned ICE raid rented property. If so, officials would visit the landlord, or apartment manager or agent and make a determination as to whether the apartment was "knowingly" rented to an illegal.

If so, the landlord would be assessed a $1,000 fine for each day for every illegal on the premises.

..."That's why we have the city issuing the [housing] permits; it takes the burden off landlords and also eliminates things such as racial profiling," Barletta said.
Perhaps the far-left illegal immigration supporters that sued Hazelton will have to think up new excuses and amend their suit.


it will be time soon to start the war of life against the rats of death and enslavement, just one more trojan horses. by the way whites are now the minority where is my free deal from mexico?

I disagree with Barletta. Participation by citizens as extensions of the eyes of our law enforcement officers and by local and state governments as extensions of federal law enforcement agencies is essential to assuring law and order in this country. Cooperation is paramount to the integration of efforts and efficiency. It is just such a blind eye that the ACLU and advocates of illegal immigration would have us cast in order to defeat the laws of this land to serve the self interests of a minority.