"Taxpayers called 'doormat' for illegal border crossings"

From this:
San Diego area government officials complained yesterday that the federal government's failure to curb illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border was sapping local public services while a key House chairman said prospects for action this year on the immigration front did not look good.

"San Diego may be the gateway to Mexico, but our taxpayers are the doormat," County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Horn told a hearing of the House Government Reform Committee in San Diego. "Every dollar spent on providing services to illegal immigrants or their children is a dollar that isn't used on taxpaying citizens."
A slightly more detailed report on the meeting is here. The Dems - in the person of Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles - took their standard tack. From the first link:
"This is a hearing to discuss a bill that the House has already passed... We don't need more hearings. We need action."
Of course, the action he has in mind is a massive amnesty for millions of people with whom he just happens to share ethnicity.

At a nearby restaurant, the farmers were lowing in the fields:
"Enforcement-only would cripple the agriculture industry and the California economy," said Luawanna Hallstrom, who serves on the boards of the California Farm Bureau and the Western Growers Association.
Outside, extremist Enrique Morones - affiliated with San Diego's Democratic Party - and his Border Angels complained about border deaths, without realizing or admitting that it's those who support illegal immigration that are partly responsible for those incidents.


once more "we have always been a doormat", the fact is that, "is what our non government wants", and its always been the plan of this and other so called governments, under bill and hill, back in the 1990's most poor working people got a bill for $1200.00 dollars like I did, for SO CALLED back tax, the fact is i owned nothing but the money was paid i like over 10 million other poor WORKING people had to pay out money we did not own so whats new? the fact is the so called government is planning a new move to take you down into the third world is nothing new so get in line and say yes sir! most of you have no idea of what is happening do you?