"A Compromised Plan" (Mike Pence massive illegal alien amnesty)

From National Review [1]:
Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, both Republicans, are making a last-ditch effort to bridge their party's divide on immigration and pass a bill this year. We agree that the country, and the Republican party, would benefit if a sensible immigration plan were passed soon. The Pence-Hutchison plan isn't one.

The pro-amnesty Republicans have responded more favorably to the plan than the enforcement-first Republicans, and both sides are reading the plan correctly. Its central component is to allow illegal immigrants to continue their jobs legally. All they would have to do is briefly leave the country and then return...

...When our illegal immigrant comes back, he will become a "guest worker." As a guest worker, he will be able to keep renewing his "temporary" status and exploiting other features of the plan so as to remain here for 17 years. At that point, he can go through the process of getting a green card. Any children he has while here will be American citizens, which will make it more difficult to deport him should he overstay his welcome.
The plan's supporters advertise its "trigger" mechanism: The guest-worker/amnesty would supposedly not go into effect until after enforcement was shown to have worked. But the triggers would be the achievement of bureaucratic objectives such as personnel targets. The amnesty would go into effect even if there were no evidence that the illegal population was shrinking...
They go on, but I think it's clear what the Pence plan entails. ------- [1] Previously at article . nationalreview . com/ ?q=NjcxZDY0MzYwNWRjOGViZmYyYzg2MTkxY2FlZTNkOTM=


in some ways i think this new mid east war is takeing the minds off of what is the real war, and yes D.FLinchum is dead on.
the fact is all you see is just a show to make you think that we still have a government, when all our little friends from all over the world get here you can forget your rights and forget talking out against illegals becouse you will become the illegal inside your own country.

and sadly at some point when you become a third class so called citizen maybe you will stand you, but by that time the power will be in the hands of others who want you dead, so have fun in the last days of freedom and life.

And let us not forget that he will be able to bring his immediate family in almost at once. This family, being wife and minor children, will by definition settle in with him in an area already more or less saturated with immigrants and further flood the local schools, hospitals, social services, "affordable" housing, etc. This is stupid squared.