Sheila Jackson-Lee channels the weeping Gen. Peter Pace

Is Sheila Jackson-Lee an "immigration sponge"? Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago came "Jack Kemp, Sheila Jackson Lee aligned on 1986 amnesty talking points". That described how SJL and JK used the almost identical talking point that the problem with the 1986 amnesty wasn't that it wasn't an amnesty, but that it wasn't "comprehensive" enough.

Now, our sources inform us that at yesterday's immigration dog-n-pony show she used one of the same talking points as General Peter Pace did when he broke down and cried in support of massive corruption and illegal behavior. I don't have what she said exactly and it's not in that article, but it was something along the lines that refusing to allow a Marine to bring his parents into the country or refusing to grant citizenship to his illegal alien parents was disrespecting him.

Obviously Pace's remarks came before SJL's in the latter case, but in the former case it's unclear whether SJL got the lines she used from Kemp, or vice versa.


What a disgrace that the top military officer cried over illegals at the public hearings, and has not been cashiered.
It is treacherous for the administration to advertise weakness like that towards invaders, actual and potential.
Are they trying to start more wars?
Don't show pathetic, womanly weakness towards those who violate our borders and other national security zones.
It begs aggressors to attack; and what are the chances that our offcials don't know this?