Tamar Jacoby: the Americans can be forced to accept a massive illegal alien amnesty

Tamar Jacoby is back with more blather in support of massive immigration, this version being called "Amnesty Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Voters don't like amnesty, but they'll swallow some form of it to fix immigration." No, really, that last part is the real subtitle.

She discusses various misleading and/or push polls and concludes that the Americans will accept a massive illegal alien amnesty just because they want to fix immigration so urgently. The polls she mentions - without dates - include "Gallup Poll, Washington Post/ABC News, Time, NBC News/Wall Street Journal, CNN and the Republican National Committee". At the last link, I determined that the poll question was so misleading it was specifically designed to mislead. Looking in to the other polls is left as an exercise.

And, what she fails to discuss is what happens after the "reform" turns out to make the situation even worse than before. She doesn't address whether, for instance, people like Jacoby will still have careers after the Americans realize that they were hoodwinked by corrupt forces whose only interest is the bottom line and not what's best for the country.

This is the way the Manhattan Institute and the National Immigration Forum put the question in a poll released this week: "Which would you prefer: Congress does nothing about immigration reform this year, or Congress passes an immigration reform bill that provides for increased border security and tougher enforcement but also contains things you do not like, such as amnesty for current illegal immigrants?"

Even bright grade schoolers could recognize that that's a false choice. If they wanted to be honest, they could have presented a third choice:

"Or, would you prefer that your representatives simply enforce the current laws across the board?"

That would probably receive 70% or 80% approval. Perhaps they could even ask this:

"Does the fact that corrupt politicians refuse to enforce the current laws give you any hope that they would enforce the new laws?"

Her entire article is based not only on questionable polls, but on the questionable concept that voters can be forced to accept something that is clearly not in their best interests.


"Amnesty Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Voters don't like amnesty, but they'll swallow some form of it to fix immigration."

Unfortunately, unless politicians show backbone that heretofore they have not, she is probably right. I rather doubt that, amongst politicians, there is enough fear of a backlash to cause them to reject a plan that will, in the end, allow illegals here now to stay. This is because the financial penalty provisions will be spun as 'not-an-amnesty', and the humanitarian angle as well as the impracticality of deporting all of them will be talked up and talked up. Some sort of 'reasonable consensus' will be agreed; after all, the US is a 'nation of immigrants', and any other course of action would be prima facie evidence of racism. Right?

The Open Borders Lobby started out with, "Well, of course, amnesty is just fine!", moved on to "It isn't amnesty!", and then played with a few push polls that made it look as if "most" people supported amnesty and "You're out of step with your fellow man if you don't". Now they've moved on to "The American people may allow us to shove amnesty down their throats without a major insurrection." They just don't "get it", do they?

Tamar Jacoby has consistently been such a relentless Open Borders advocate that I wonder if she is being financially supported by some business which hires illegals.

He is right, "so called Americans", will be forced to get in line and when the time is right for mexico and the one world rulers you will be forced into a camp system.
AND YOU WILL HAVE IT COMING. don't you guys get what is happening here? what don't you understand about standing up? the third world people are weapons and all of the weapons are pointed at you!