Commerce Dept stonewalling Corsi's FOIA request?

In June, Jerome Corsi sent a FOIA request to the Commerce Department asking for information on the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America", aka the precursor to the possible North American Union.

According to statute, Commerce should have responded within 20 days, and they have not:

"We thought we might encounter some recalcitrance," he explained to WND, "but I am frankly shocked that we had received no response at all. The department acknowledged its receipt of our request on June 19. The requirements of the Freedom of Information Act are quite clear: The government is allowed to respond to a FOIA request in many ways, but the complete failure to respond within 20 business days is simply not an option."



Mexico-firsters in high places in the US government don't seem to feel that laws apply to them.
After all, it is only selfish, patriotic, bourgeois enemies of freedom for aggression who would dare to suggest that any laws apply to those planning a full-continent sized druggocracy.