Morristown/Hamblen County protest shows danger of illegal immigration

On Saturday a group of Americans from the "Citizens for Legal Immigration" held a protest in Morristown (Hamblen County, Tennessee). It ended in a disabled, 61-year-old Vet being arrested. Before that he was allegedly tasered. The charge was that he was trying to bring a flag pole onto Courthouse grounds, and the flagpole was too sharp. And, despite apparently not featuring anyone on the other side, the protest resulted in a massive police presence, including:

Hamblen County Sheriffs Deputies, Morristown Police, Tennessee Highway Patrol [from as far away as Putnam County (Cookeville,TN) ], Haz-Mat, Snipers on the roof of the Courthouse, S.W.A.T. team in full Body Armor and M-16 Rifles

The protesters' First Amendment rights were clearly violated, and they say they plan to sue. One of the organizers is County Commissioner Tom Lowe, and an account from his is here. There's video of the incident available here, and the follow-up is in "Morristown Police investigating use of too much force during arrest at immigration rally".

If American citizens are unable to peacefully protest but foreign citizens are allowed to march through our streets with impunity, aren't we at or near the crisis stage?

As one of the signs at the rally said, it's all about the green. What is probably at the heart of this incident is that the local power structure is comprised of those who profit from illegal immigration, and in order to keep the money flowing they pressured the local officials to crack down on those who might impede the flow.


Depraved officials, in complicity with foreign aggression that is swelling and increasing its effrontery within our borders, are panicking at the sight of the righteous anger of patriots.
Traitorous officials become frightened and enraged, as patriots approach.
These officials overplay their hand, making their betrayals of the citizenry appear even worse and more vulnerable to public exposure than they really are. They make it look as if they have something horrifically unrighteous to hide. They're reacting as if someone would go inside the courthouse and find Mexican flags and portraits of Fox.