DC Metro bilingual signs and illegal alien advocates

The DC Metrorail system is considering adding signs in Spanish to their stations (via this; satire about this here). While the cost is fairly high ($500,000 to $900,000 per station), this is seemingly a minor matter. Until you read that they might add these signs under pressure from "immigration advocates".

The push apparently started in 2003 after a report by the "National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board's Access for All Advisory Committee". (Whether that name was translated from Russian is not known.)

The head of the committee is Kathy Porter, who's mayor of Takoma Park. Not only does that city allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections (only a tiny number of them have), but she herself is a supporter of illegal immigration.

The only other "advocate" mentioned in the piece is Kim Propeack from CASA of Maryland. Whether they're involved in pressuring Metrorail or whether they're just a quote source is not known, but based on their threat to go to the schools of the children of Minuteman Project members, no paper - least of all the Washington Times - should give them the time of day. Note also that she heads the "National Capitol Immigration Coalition", one of the organizers of the May 1 illegal immigration marches.

While a relatively minor issue, bear in mind that these signs would most likely be permanent and would remain in place long after the current group of "immigrants" has supposedly assimilated. They would impede such assimilation, which may be part of the goal of those who push this. After all, would Casa de Maryland or similar groups receive as much funding if there were fewer illegal aliens it could keep under its protective wings? And, by discouraging "immigrants" from learning English, it makes it much easier for those "immigrants" to be swayed by ethnic media outlets that might in turn be easier to control.

This issue also shows the danger of allowing illegal alien advocates to infiltrate our political system.


CTL The system of corruption rules this non nation, what most don't get is it is being run by evil rats who love the ideals of mexico city and red china, if people would stand-up and say no-way!it may help to stop this evil acts, but people in the real game do not care.

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That's pathetic. Propeack needs to be told that this is wrong and is offensive to the American people. Do the right thing and contact her at Kpropeack@casamd.org