Sources: NAFTA superhighway is imaginary, tinfoil talk, don't worry, relax

This site has linked to a few recent articles from Jerome Corsi about the plans to create a "North American Union", a superstate consisting of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

The article about the plan to create a massive highway running down the center of the U.S. has generated the first public sign of some pushback.

First, KUWS-FM's Danielle Kaeding has a story in northern MN/northern WI's BusinessNorth discussing the "internet rumor". Minnesota Department of Transportation's John Bray says we just need to relax. He isn't quoted as responding to any particular points, he just says it has no credibility. Tiffany Melvin, director of the North America SuperCorridor Coalition says:
"We're not working with the administration to create a new highway or anything like that. We're an advocacy group tries to bring attention to the need for improvements and maintenance to the existing infrastructure and to increase security at our nation's borders and improve safety measures along the corridor." Bray says there's no money to go toward a construction project of this magnitude. "The agency right now is in a funding crisis for gosh sake. I mean, we're doing the best we can just to hold the highways together in Minnesota. Wisconsin's in the same boat." So, no worries folks…nothing running through your backyards just yet.
Of course, as this site points out, there's a huge picture of the proposed highway right on their site (, together with the news that they're: "dedicated to developing the world's first international, integrated and secure, multi-modal transportation system along the International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor".

In probably related news:
A Mexican customs office is being built in the U.S. heartland as part of a newly designed "inland port" facility that links with a Mexican seaport, an official in Kansas City confirms.

Tasha Hammes of the Kansas City Area Development Council wrote to author and WND columnist Jerome Corsi to correct some details of a column on the subject, but she affirmed that a key purpose of the Kansas City Inland Port, or SmartPort, will be to facilitate the movement of containers from the Far East through the Mexican port at Lazaro Cardenas rather than the West Coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach...
Note also that Corsi has filed a FOIA request for many documents relating to the larger scheme.

While it's good that they want to correct the record, I have the sneaking suspicion that there's a bit more going on here. If Corsi's articles get a bit more attention, expect to see people such as - just as a wild guess - Morton Kondracke, Bill Kristol, David Brooks, and similar pundits trying to spin it all away those "internet rumors".


If there is a super highway under construction it had to be proposed by Lincoln. Have you ever tried to get a two mile road paved in a new sub-division. Took us 15 years, that is after it was put in the '6' year plan twice and totally removed from consideration after the money was appropriated and spent on something else, like in an area where a politician lived. We finally got a halfa**ed job of tar and chips about 5 years ago and that's where she stands today. It'll be the year 2150 before they get the super highway out of the state of Texas. Anyone gonna hang around to see the completion through another state? This has to be the worst rumor started by the left wing whacko's in the past 5 years, and that's (worst)a lot of competition. LMAO

The I 35/Super-Corridor is under consideration and has not yet been approved. However, the I 69/Trans-Texas Corridor has already been approved and is in fact being built. The TTC will connect South Texas, specifically the Lower Rio Grande Valley, with North-East Texas. Outside of Texas, I 69 will run straight up the Mid-West to Minnesota, connecting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Given the explosive growth and development this project has brought to the RGV, I fail to see why this is a bad thing. With proper border security and law enforcement, this project will bring much needed growth and development to the Heartland.

it is all about the spin for now! just like when the pigs were working on the N.A.F.T.A., Most of the rats told people "it would never cost millions of jobs", but in the end its cost "60 million jobs", and lower the wage here in the USA
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