Chris Cannon: money from cheap labor lobby, endorsement from Bush

This site hasn't paid too much attention to the Utah Republican primary between incumbent Chris Cannon and challenger John Jacob due to a perhaps unwarranted concern that the latter was a bit weak on the topic of illegal immigration. However:
On Monday, a day after learning first lady Laura Bush is endorsing Cannon in a recorded phone message to voters in Utah's 3rd Congressional District, Jacob decided to criticize President Bush, saying the president supports illegal immigration and painting Cannon as Bush's water boy.

"Chris can't have it both ways," Jacob told KSL-TV. "He can be on the president's side, or he can be on the side that's against illegal immigration."
George Bush himself has endorsed Cannon.

As for the money that Cannon's receiving, it appears a bit curious:
Just days before his Republican primary election, U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon is seeing more than $134,000 flowing into his war chest, much of it from organizations known to favor cheap immigrant labor.

The pro-immigration groups have given Cannon, R-Utah, at least $58,200 in the past 12 days alone, a review of federal campaign reports shows.

That includes at least $30,000 from agricultural interests — such as the California Farm Bureau and the Dairy Farmers of America. Additional money is coming from businesses known for hiring inexpensive labor —including Wal-Mart and the National Roofing Contractors Association...
Note that in the past, Cannon received money from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). They also helped him write legislation.

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