Illegal aliens fail to elect Francine Busby

Fear, despair, and a deep sense of foreboding engulfed the Democratic Party Tuesday as early results seem to indicate that even the illegal alien vote couldn't help Democrat Francine Busby defeat Republican Brian Bilbray in California's 50th District. The race was to replace convicted Congressman Duke Cunningham.

With 25% of precincts reporting, Bilbray leads by 50% to 44%.

Of course, it was Busby who uttered the now-infamous "you don't need papers to vote" while speaking to 50 or so people, many of whom were Spanish speakers. While she and her helpers have since issued various tortured explanations, the intent of her remarks is crystal clear to anyone who's intellectually honest.

UPDATE: It's official! The pet/illegal alien/dead people/space alien vote failed Francine Busby. And, here's a video of her infamous statement. She actually says "you don't need papers for voting". Unfortunately, the video doesn't have the question that was asked, but if it wasn't before, it's even more clear now what she was getting at.


she didn't get the job because she has the nut case idea that mexican vote. she like many of her kind have the idea that the people of mexico can understand what voting is, and most hispanic don't vote because most hispanics can't get the ideals of a free nation, not that this nation is free, bush just came out with one more statement today about what he wants for 30 million mexican moving here, free homes free living for up to 5 years at 50,000 per family, read about the bush plan, its coming out soon, but what bush rat isn't telling you that the system will totally fall apart by 2007, that is also part of the plan to make what is now called the north american union, a plan to kill off this nation once and for all.

If she had won, it would now be all over MSM that a person who supported amnesty won! I'm sure that the story will be that the district was just too Republican for dear Francine to overcome, sigh.

She was caught in a rare example of "public candor committed by a politician".

Dems think vote fraud is no big deal-they always oppose the simplest ID requirements as "voter intimidation" or harrasment- so it is unlikely they would oppose illegal voting by legal non-citizens or illegal aliens. Busby simply didn't think that an anti-illegal alien activist would be in the small audience carrying a recording device.