The People's Democratic Republic of Chicago declares open borders

From this:
Calling federal immigration raids a "scare tactic" designed to intimidate "the new civil rights movement," the [Chicago] City Council on Wednesday demanded a moratorium on sweeps while Congress debates a new immigration policy.
This Sun-Times shows which side it's on in the following two paragraphs:
Twenty-six immigrants employed by IFCO Systems in McKinley Park were arrested last week and taken to an INS office in Broadview. The Chicago workers were among 1,100 people arrested nationwide.

They were released on their own recognizance after terrified family members and church leaders came to their rescue.
Instead of "immigrants", the correct term would be either "illegal aliens" or "alleged illegal aliens". The use of the word "workers" could be seen as either a legitimate attempt not to keep using the same words over and over, or as a subliminal way to convey that "they're just here to work". And, of course, the INS no longer exists and is now BICE. They make the same mistake later in the article, so one wonders at their knowledge of this issue. Then, of course, there are the emotionally-laden words in the last paragraph.
"I see this heartbreak every day. I see folks [who] have children born in America and have the possibility of being deported back to the country where their grandparents" were born, [Rules Committee Chairman Richard Mell (33rd)] said.
There are only two ways to end the "heartbreak": either declare completely open borders and give citizenship away to anyone who asks, or enforce our immigration laws. What the alderman want will just lead to millions more illegal aliens and more "heartbreak".

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Dchamil may be confusing the US with France. In France the child of an illegal alien who was born in France can opt for French citizenship at age 18.

Almost any child born in the United States is automatically a citizen, no need to wait until they're 21.

When they're 21 (or maybe it's 18), they can sponsor other members of their family to become citizens. That's why they're called "anchor babies".

I'd imagine the "birth tourism" report is about Koreans and other Asians, although I probably won't bother watching it to find out.


"New Immigration Strategy: Koreans Send Children to America for Adoption"

Korean anchor babies and "birth tourism"

OK, now I know what birth tourism is. I am assuming that the mother had some kind of tourism visa to be here and give birth. If not, then the government should give mom and the little milk sucker a tourism visa right back to mejico.

I believe birth tourism means coming to the USA while pregnant for the purpose of giving birth in this country. The child becomes eligible for American citizenship upon reaching a certain age (21, I think).

I don't exactly know what a "racialist" is, but I think it has something to do with racism. And I don't exactly know what "birth tourism" is either. I only know that I would not go on vacation just so I could tour LA maternity wards.

Meanwhile, Channel 4 in LA tonight will have a report on birth tourism in LA--that is, if the racialists don't get it pulled by then.