"New Immigration Strategy: Koreans Send Children to America for Adoption"

The Pacific News Service - naturally - treats this as an acceptable practice, but perhaps some immigration official somewhere will look into this scam:
SAN FRANCISCO--A growing number of South Korean parents are paying retired couples in the United States to adopt their children. These Korean parents say teaching their children English is a priority, as well as other factors including avoiding compulsory military service for young men and gaining the prestige of an American education.

One out of three Korean parents are willing to send their children abroad for the sake of a better education, according to a study by the Center for Korean Education Development in Seoul in the Korea Times. In the past, parents would ask relatives living in the United States to adopt their children, but more parents are now seeking out Caucasian families.

The Korea Times in Los Angeles reported the story of a Korean woman in Los Angeles on a work visa and employed as a nurse. She wished to bring her two teenage children to the United States from Korea and paid a retired American couple to adopt them...
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And don't forget the American education is free!

I tutored several Korean children. Many live with "guardians," whoever they are. Some also had psychological, behavior or school problems due to loneliness and mean or alcoholic "guardians." I left after a couple of months. The kids were great but it seemed like a dangerous scam.

A teacher friend of mine says smugglers hand out flyers in Seoul saying "we can get your kids into *blank* high school." Lots of illegal scams and cash changing hands, not all for the better of the children. Now these high schools are de facto segregated and test scores are slipping. But nobody cares, because to question of any of this is deemed racism.