Venezuela has mobile consulates

As discussed many times, Mexico has mobile consulates that they set up in small towns in order to provide Matricula Consular cards and other services to their citizens, many or most of whom are here illegally.

Now, Daniel Connolly of the AP offers a nary-a-dissenting-word article with the news that Venezuela had a mobile consulate in Little Rock, Arkansas. No word is provided on that country's position on illegal immigration, but Honduras made their position clear:

"We always tell them, it doesn't matter if you are legal or illegal in this country, you have to have your Honduran passport," said Fabio Murillo, a chancellor with the consulate of Honduras in Chicago.


The other countries in South America see Mexico as an example to follow, by way of having their version of Consular cards and Consular offices up here. Unless something is done to halt illegal immigration you can be assured there will be more and more consular offices from these countries.