Gil Cedillo's driver's licenses for illegal aliens: April 18, 2006

Gil Cedillo is the author of a series of failed bill designed to give California driver's licenses to illegal aliens: six attempts in the past seven years. Plus, he's also proposed similar bills giving illegal aliens - and only illegal aliens - a pass on towing charges.

This year's attempt to give benefits to illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries - Cedillo's core constituency - is scheduled for a hearing on April 18, 2006.

If you're a California resident (and a U.S. citizen), please contact the reps listed here and indicate your strong opposition to this latest attempt.


Ask any cop in California if you dont believe me, but a huge number of illegal Mexicans already have a valid California drivers license or California I.D. card in their wallet. Whenever one of these people is deported he shows up back in the same place three weeks later with another valid drivers license or I.D. card under another name. California is so fucked up already that my tom cat can get a drivers license under any name he wants to use.