Martin Wolk's pro-illegal immigration propaganda

Martin Wolk is the chief economics correspondent for MSNBC, and he offers "How immigrants might actually boost wages". This site is not qualified to weigh in on the Battle of the Economists: is George Borjas correct in his findings that massive immigration drives down wages for low-wage Americans?

However, part of our job description is noticing propaganda when we read it:
...A new study goes even further and seeks to turn the Borjas view on its head, finding that immigration has probably reduced wages at the low end of the scale but raised average wages by 2 percent.

Co-author Giovanni Peri of the University of California, Davis, said his findings assume that the millions of immigrants who have entered the country over the past two decades have spurred capital investment that has expanded the economy...
Click his name for some very disturbing contrary evidence.
...The [Pew] study also found that 94 percent of undocumented foreign-born men ages 18 to 64 are in the work force, compared with 83 percent of native-born adult men.
That's a pretty huge difference isn't it? How many of those Americans who aren't working have simply given up due to competition from illegal aliens? How many members of the underclass are "pursuing other forms of business" but might be working without all that competition? It's good that Wolk slips that fact in, but it would have been better if he'd attempted to find out what it means.
The debate over immigration reform has created some strange political bedfellows, with some pragmatic Republicans including President Bush lined up on roughly the same side of the issue as many union leaders and liberal Democrats.
Given all of the lunatic statements Bush has made about immigration, I don't know whether the word "pragmatic" is the one I would use. Perhaps a politer version of "corrupt and crazy".

And, immediately following that comes the sentence where Wolk begins to sound like an infomercial:
They all recognize the growing political and economic clout of the nation's nearly 40 million Hispanics – a hint of which has been on display in recent weeks as hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest a House bill that would crack down on illegal immigration...
A large number of those hundreds of thousands are actually citizens of other countries. Even those corrupt enough to only be concerned with the bottom line might want to consider what would happen to their bottom line if we refused to do what those foreign citizens want.

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