Have the Bushes finally lost it over immigration?

Has the immigration "debate" had a debilitating toll on the Bush family?

First up we have Jeb Bush race-baiting the issue:
"My wife came here legally, but it hurts her just as it hurts me when people give the perception that all immigrants are bad... The cumulative effect of some politicians pounding their chests about immigration is hurtful to both of us," [Jeb] wrote, referring to himself and his brother. "I fear they do so for current political gain at the expense of thoughtful policy over the long term."

...The governor speaks the language fluently. His son, George P. Bush, has cited his Latino heritage in campaign appearances for his father and uncle and is considered an heir to the family political dynasty.

"Columba and I watch the news early in the morning and in the evenings," Bush wrote in the late-night e-mail exchange. "The cumulative effect of the coverage is that immigrants are bad and hurting our country. The coverage is black and white, good and bad, without the nuances that the coverage deserves."
Rush Limbaugh mentioned Jeb's statements, and couldn't figure out who Jeb was refering to. In fact, he said that the only people he could think of that were contributing to the negative tone were supporters of amnesties, including the Bushes.

And, is the Bush family trying to change the demographics of this country in order to help along P's political career? Perhaps in their next email exchange the LAT could ask that question.

Next up, we have the President of San Marcos himself:
WASHINGTON, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by President Bush:
The Colonnade
8:55 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: The United States Senate is debating a very vital issue for our country, and that is immigration reform. I urge the senators to continue to work toward getting a comprehensive bill; a bill that will help us secure our borders; a bill that will cause the people in the interior of this country to recognize and enforce the law; and a bill that will include a guest worker provision that will enable us to more secure the border, will recognize that there are people here working hard for jobs Americans won't do, and a guest worker provision that is not amnesty, one that provides for automatic citizenship.

This is a vital debate. I thank the members who are working hard to get a bill done. I strongly urge them to come to a conclusion as quickly as possible and pass a comprehensive bill.

Thank you all very much.

END 8:57 A.M. EDT
I have a great deal of trouble parsing the boldened sentence. Who exactly is he refering to? Perhaps he's refering to the FDIC working with the Chicago Mexican consulate to give home loans to illegal aliens. Wait, that started under Bush, and he could stop it if he wanted. In fact, if someone in the "interior" isn't enforcing our immigration laws, President Bush has all the resources at his immediate disposal to make sure that they do.

Can anyone else explain what he means?


Those are amazing statements by the Bushes. The vigilantes accusation was the most hurtful I have heard.

I referenced your posting on Dick Morris and your response at http://linknzona.blogspot.com
please take a look if you have time.

Amazingly, that incomprehensible muddle was not an off-the-cuff statement but included in official press release.