Please call your Senators

McCain admits he doesn't have enough votes to get his massive amnesty by, so in response they may be trying to sneak a "limited" amnesty by that would "only" cover 7 million illegal aliens or so.

The main Senate Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 or (888) 355-3588. You can also send free FAXes here.

UPDATE: The Corner is following this closely, so check that for updates.


Thanks for the heads-up and easy linking for faxes. I sent an almost completely individualized message, denouncing legalization/amnesty as appeasement of the illegals who march against our sovereignty. I hope they'll notice that just because something used the facilities of NumbersUSA, it doesn't mean that there wasn't individual effort and thought put into a message which only used their opening line.

There is no such thing as a "limited amnesty". All that will happen here is that the illegal aliens will buy and/or produce forged documents that will "prove" that they were here as of the cut-off date. This is what happened in the ill-fated 1986 amnesty, which had a fraud rate of 70%.

This is why we need strong enforcement before we make any decisions as to who will be allowed to come or stay. We actually have no idea now as to how many people we are talking about at the start, not to mention family reunification, which will at least double the numbers.