Yet more pro-illegal immigration propaganda from the Washington Post

The WaPo has a profile of Rep. Tom Tancredo in "Tuning In to Anger on Immigration".

Reading between the lines, one might think that the WaPo is trying to portray those who oppose illegal immigration as emotionally-driven and fact-challenged:

For many frustrated, scared and angry suburbanites and small-town residents, Tancredo is a hero, one of the very few Washington politicians who take their fears seriously. They believe undocumented, mostly Hispanic workers are taking jobs that ought to go to citizens, flooding schools and boosting the crime rate, and that the country's open borders pose a security threat.

Apparently, the WaPo believes differently, as their long line of propaganda supporting illegal immigration shows. See also "The immigration debate, Washington Post-style".


Why should we allow illegal immigrants that are considered felons here or abroad to become citizens (overstaying a visa is NOT a felony, UNLESS there are other issues involved - felonies abroad, terrorist connections)?

This is not a bill against immigrants, it is a bill to protect AMERICANS (TAX PAYING , hard working Americans). IF the 11 million wanted to be legal why are they not now? Because then they would have to chip in and pay for the services that they are currently STEALing from honest working Americans (black, brown, white, red and yellow, but ALL RED WHITE and BLUE).

Illegals (NOT Hispanics/Latino/Latina's) are bleeding these assistance systems dry to the detriment of the people that pay taxes to support them. Our health care system and gov't assistance are being destroyed and over taxed. This is due partially because of illegal immigrants.

Illegals also steal the jobs that could put food in the mouths of honest Americans. There are Americans that cannot find work, because it is cheaper to pay an illegal alien pennies than to pay an American an honest or at least minimum wage so they he or she could live. Even if they pay the American off the books they still opt for the illegal because it is cheaper. IF there were no illegals they would have to give the job to an American.

To think that illegals do jobs that Americans would not do is ridiculous. How many Americans would not bus tables or work construction, or sweep the floor to put food in their families mouth?

ALL immigrants should be screened for terrorists connections, felonies (here and abroad), sickness (why do you think tuberculous and small pox are back after being irradicated for decades in the US) . They SHOULD be deported for terrorists connection and felonies (and a felony is NOT overstaying a visa).

We need to keep America safe for Americans!

This is a country of immigrants , so unless you are American Indian 100% you are an immigrant, but if you are LEGAL then you are an American!

The flow of illegals and the ease at which they get into this country will be the way the terrorists will get into this country for the next attack. We need better and more strict border patrol. We need to do background checks on every applicant for citizenship.


Why might they be afraid?

Well here comes more of the bashing of reasonable people like Tom Tancredo, just because they don't like his position on this subject. Well, he speaks for the majority of America who are concerned about what is happening to their Country. Which is perfectly reasonable and we should be able to have a say in this matter without being call names like rascist and xenophobic. Then want to change our whole Country and they want us to sit back, shut up and watch American idol. We want our voices heard and we only have Lou Dobbs and Tancredo to speak for us.

Man, these illegals need to realize that the U.S. is not their home and they are not welcome here! You're gonna come to my country and drive the wages down, sponge off of our allready weak healthcare and cause havic? I don't think so! I live in kansas city kansas and I'll tell you when my wife and I go to walmart here it's like we're in mexico. I could run through through the store yelling immigration and EVERYONE would take off. Go home illegals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!