John Whitesides, Reuters, pro-illegal immigration propaganda

John Whitesides of Reuters offers a heaping load of pro-illegal immigration propaganda in "Republicans risk Hispanic support in border debate".

It's basically an attempt to corrupt the Republican Party: support massive illegal immigration or you won't get votes. That concept is completely false, as poll after poll shows.

The piece relies on quotes from, among others, the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project and Daniel Griswold.

The latter is from the Cato Institute, which is falsely identified as "conservative":

The risk of alienating Hispanics is much greater than the risk of turning off conservatives, Griswold said. He noted Republicans who supported guest worker programs like Reps. Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe in Arizona and Chris Cannon in Utah have survived primary challenges from anti-immigration opponents.

Obviously, that's not telling the whole story. Cannon's brother is the head of the Utah GOP and he had much more money than his opponent. And, he was forced to spend almost all of it in order to win. And, is an aide suggesting ways that illegal aliens could donate to your campaign really that "conservative"?

The article also puts a false spin on California's Proposition 187.


Or that hordes of poor Hispanics are going to line up to vote, period. It is now taking years for the LEGAL immigrants to be naturalized citizens before they try to add all of the illegal ones in the que, plus all of the other "guest-workers".


Ho-hum; if you've seen this argument once you've seen it a million times, right? These idiots all write from the same template; as if in anywhere but an evil alternate universe anyone would believe hordes of poor Hispanics are going to line up to vote Republican.

But it looks like that's exactly where we are these days.