Illegal aliens march: Los Angeles, Sat. March 25

On Saturday, illegal aliens will be marching in Los Angeles for rights to which they aren't entitled.

IOW, foreign citizens who've entered the U.S. illegally or who've remained here illegally are now agitating - and being agitated - inside the U.S.

Have we indeed reached a critical mass of foreign citizens here?

Do we have no choice but to give them what they want?

If we give them what they want, won't millions more come and make the same or even greater demands?

Will our elected representatives capitulate to these foreign citizens' demands?

Please contact all your representatives and urge them not to give in.


Rachel: I'm one of the widely-hated white English speakers. Despite your patronizing remarks, I have spent some time picking fruit and washing dishes in my younger days (I'm 67). There are many substitutional effects in farm labor, and if Mexicans willing to live at a low standard of living were'nt available, the price of labor would rise until it could attract American citizens, or the farmer would switch to something less labor-intensive. This is about power, not racism. History can sound very different, depending on who writes it.

First of all, illegals do not take jobs from Americans, so let's get that out of the way. You, me and our children do not want to be in the fields picking fruit, or become janitors, bus tables at restaurants, right? Even if we got paid higher wages (which our fragile economy cannot afford)we still would not take those jobs. Secondly, illegal immigrants only want the American dream as every other American. Flash news, unless you're a Native American, then you too and/or your ancestors migrated from somewhere, illegally. I do not recall a time in history when the Natives were handing out Visas to people walking off the boats coming from Europe. Did I miss that part of history, I'll have to check my history books, but I am certain its's not there. What needs to be done is secure our borders and only then we can deal with illegal immigrants in a diplomatic and humane manner. So please, stop with your myths about the Latin community and learn the facts. Stop your hatred, this country does not belong to you and only you, it belongs to Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Whites, etc. If you want to be around your own kind, then America is not the place for you. We are a country founded by illegal immigrants, read your history, now it, as I do.

Make sure you contact your reps. and tell them that we want our immigration laws enforced and that we want no guest worker program. This would be a disaster. And tell them that you will remember how they vote on this issue when it comes around to election time.

Nobody in our government gives a hoot or a holler about what the citizens of this country think about illegal immigration. The only thing that will get there attention is a massive, bloody confrontation between the citizens of America and the illegals. This will get the attention of the government, and even better, it will "require action" by the government. The only thing that remains to be seen is which side the government will come down on.