More foreign propaganda supporting illegal immigration

As pointed out before, the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform is funded by the government of Ireland and they're lobbying for a massive amnesty for illegal aliens.

And, they've not only got quite a propaganda push going, but they've found media sources willing to carry their water.

Yesterday we discussed this: Tyche Hendricks, S.F. Chronicle, offers timely pro-illegal immigration propaganda. That reporter didn't mention that the Lobby is funded by the Irish government, making that article quite clearly pro-illegal immigration propaganda.

Also providing coverage is Allen Martin of CBS 5 in 'Frisco: "'Illegal Irish' Campaign For Immigration Reform".

In his text, he doesn't mention the connection. There's a video report, the picture of which at the site features t-shirts with 'legalize the'. That's the site for the Lobby. I didn't watch the video, but if the connection wasn't mentioned in the text it's probably not there in the video.

Since Martin's email isn't provide, let's try Akilah Monifa, their Director of Communications: Ask him or her whether Martin informed their viewers that they were watching foreign propaganda.

And, WNYC's Brian Lehrer show featured a segment on the Lobby. Let's ask him whether they disclosed the connection:


This illegal immigration stuff is makin' me crazy!
Everybody in the friggin' world wants to sneak into America. And then they all think that they deserve amnesty! Today I heard that 60 or 70 thousand illegal Irishmen want amnesty! Jeezus! I didn't even know there were any illegal Irishmen in the country! I guess I just don't pay attention.

But something happened today that did get my attention. Spain had a humongous riot. Do you know what they were rioting about? Here's the deal, man----somebody in Spain decided that they were going to throw the biggest street drinking party in the history of the world. I'm not shittin' ya, man! That's what it was all about!

Like I said---this illegal immigration stuff is drivin' me crazy! America is lost and there is no salvation. What I need is a drink. What we all need is a drink. And, I might add, we all need to do a little rioting.

Except for the hangovers, I betcha the Spaniards will feel a lot better for the experience in the morning.

I have decided to throw the biggest, most riotous drunkathon in the history of the Universe. If anybody wants to join me, I will be in Oak Park in Stockton, California, tomorrow at noon. Please come and join me. You will be better for the experience. And if you have an illegal alien friend, bring him along too. The more the merrier.