features Bank of "America", Wells Fargo, and Western Union

Continuing their slow marcha into the 19th century, Mexican officials have announced a new website that will go online in May. It's located at, and it's intended for Mexican citizens who are living in the U.S.

Can you guess what it's about?

If you've been following along, you're right! It's designed to help mostly illegal aliens send money back to Mexico in order to help prop up that corrupt government:
...The website will feature a "calculator" in which users can enter in the amount of money they plan to send and it will give them estimated costs from different wire service companies. It also will tell users the amount of money their relatives will receive in Mexico after costs.

The website also will give migrants in the United States directions to the closest wire service, as well as the closest office in Mexico where their relatives can collect the money...
Those "American" companies that will be featured on the site are: Bank of "America", Wells Fargo, and First Data's Western Union.

It's too bad the Bush administration is just as "American" as those companies, otherwise their executives and directors would be in federal prison.


What is wire fraud?
If you take proceeds from criminal activity (illegals working illegally in the US) and use wire transfer methods to send money to a foreign country is this legal?