"Send illegals home - pronto!"

Normally, one might consider philly.com a "liberal" rag, but apparently they've got someone there who's bucking the trend. From Stu Bykofsky:
...Watching the rally at Independence Mall last week I was struck by the dazzling chutzpah of illegal aliens' demands to be left alone by the government, like a teenager shrugging off a nagging mother.

They were complaining about legislation - the Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act - that would make them felons and boot them out of the U.S.A.

But - oh! In Philadelphia, the restaurant industry is heavily dependent on bracero labor. Elsewhere in the nation, agriculture and construction leans heavily on "undocumented" workers to do the back-breaking work.

Who would do that work if we had no "uninvited guests?" we're asked.

Um, the same people who did it before they arrived: Low-income Americans.

Americans won't work for so little money, we're told.

Yes they will, because they have.

And if they won't, unleash capitalism and hike the pay until they will. If that means I may pay more for produce, or a restaurant meal, I'm OK with that...


Flinchum, you are 100% correct !! America needs to get rid of the Illegals before make our country as bad as theirs. I dont mind immigration as long as you come here legally but when you come here a want everything and dont pay taxes or medical bills, GO HOME. Americans need to stand together and not give an inch when it comes to guarding our boarder, reporting illegals, basicall just do whatever it takes to get the job done. The MINUTEMAN ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To minagirlz
Don't I know it! I lived nearly 40 years in Northern VA.

To D Flinchum:
Lucky You!

Good one, Digger!

minagirlz, I live in SW Virginia in a house built in 2003 mostly by men who could trace their ancestry in SW VA to before the Civil War. My builder was a Yankee from NY - can't have everything. Our lawn care folks are as Scotch-Irish as you can get. The restaurant work here is mainly done by students at VT with a smattering of locals. It's not unusual for the manager or even the owner to bus your table and bring you coffee if it's a busy night. When he or she asks how your meal was, you get the impression that it matters. Construction here is a hot industry now and a drive by our construction sites is to observe a miracle: full of black and white SW Virginians, all doing the jobs no American will do, as we have been told. Same for our hotels (full up at VT games and graduation) and our stores. Ditto for our farmers including our small meat-packing industry. How are we possible? As I said, we haven't been inundated by illegal immigrants - yet.

Well said Digger. Illegal immigrant workers drive the poorest Americans out of the labor pool and everyone loses. More $billions that our open borders/mass amnesty costs us each year.

minagirlz, why not reform both? Nobody is saying that because we deal with illegal aliens we need to ignore welfare reform.

Matter of fact if those on welfare could make 3-4 times as much at an unskilled job, after illegals are kicked out, they might actually opt to take a job. But at the wages now with the overabundance of unskilled illegal aliens there is no motivation because they can make just as much sitting on their asses.

To Flinchum: I suppose you could be right. Depends on what area you are from. I'm from South Texas, and let me tell you. We have a serious problem down here. I'm only speaking from the reality I face on a day to day basis. We hava a welfare to work program that really bites. Half of these people (American) will not comply with the program. We are left with the people who really want to work (Illegal Immigrants). Hopefully, we can implement a program that will treat these workers fairly.
I'm all for it. My theory is that the government is going to make up some B***S*** program that is going to exploit these immigrants anyways. They are just going to do it the legal way.

It's not just that US citizens WILL DO this work - they are DOING it now here in the US in areas that haven't been inudated by illegal aliens - yet.

You are absolutely correct. Americans will do every job in America. Just let the free enterprise system work and things will be fine (even better) without illegal immigrant workers.

Those who say we need guest workers range from the soft socialists to the radical left. What they have in common is a lack of faith in a free market economy and a disdain for America and its workers.

It is ironic that most illegal Mexican immigrants have jobs in Mexico but are coming here for freedom from a corrupt narco-government and for increased opportunities in a free enterprise system. The very system the President's open borders/mass amnesty program will destroy. Unfortunately, as we have seen around the world, socialism does not work and the President's policies will take the country down as it takes free enterprise down.

You are so wrong! Have you read about the millions of american people on welfare. They do not want to work. What we need to do away with is the welfare program. The goverment should quit it "cold turkey". No more "weaning off from welfare programs." I think if this was done, then we would'nt need these illegals to serve us, do our drycleaning, build our skyscrapers, or mow our lawns. Until the government does something about these lazy ass people we have no choice but to leave these hard working people alone.