Dave Frohnmayer, U of Oregon collaborate with Mexican government

On Saturday, the Mexican government held a "Carousel of Information" at the HEP Building on the campus of the University of Oregon. This was yet another mobile consulate affair where they presumably passed out Matricula Consular ID cards to a presumably largely illegal crowd.

Thankfully, the American side protested this, and a large number of reports are here and starting here. Both sites have pictures, but both of their reports are a bit non-journalistic so to speak. For the more polished version - complete with "liberal" bias - try this. It includes this incredibly ironic and creepy para:

But Angel Lopez, legal adviser for the Mexican consular, said he felt the protesters were interfering with the legitimate business affairs of a foreign government. He said the event deserved tighter security by federal marshals to ensure order.

I'm sure Jorge Arbusto will be right on it, senor.

Dave Frohnmayer is the President of the University of Oregon. I contacted his spokesman and she tried to excuse this by saying that they were just the rental agents. Informing that spokesman that campus security was apparently deployed at the event seemed to take her back a bit. And, she couldn't say whether the president will be issuing a statement about whether he supports a foreign government using public property to hand out ID cards to illegal aliens.

Please contact Dave Frohnmayer and ask him yourself. If you're a student there, attend events where he answers questions and ask him. And, if you're an alumni, contact your association.

A PDF of a past "Carousel" is here. Note that many Oregon state agencies are included, and they discuss not only ITIN numbers (SSN equivalents usually associated with illegal aliens) and registering to vote. (Note however that different audience could be intended for both sets of information, so there's no proof they intended to register illegal aliens.)


"partial explanation"

I think you are right -- also IMO it explains a lot. For example, this passage, which appears in the article linked to:

["We're not against immigrants," he said. "We're against illegal immigrants."]

You see this all the time -- it seems people feel compelled to say it. Why? Well, just before it you find:

[Hickey said he resents opponents characterizing him as a racist.]

Again, you see and read some strange things as people try to tiptoe around this aspect.

Does it ever seem like these events are happening more often and more widely spread across the US? Seems a bit discouraging, but, thanks Lone for keeping us up to date. It is an important service to us and our country.

One partial explanation for this is the pervasive hold Political Correctness has on our government and institutions. If it is not being too immodest, please see my blog for a discussion.