Sen. Gil Cedillo: even more discounts for illegal aliens

California State Senator Gil Cedillo - nicknamed "One Bill Gil" because he keeps introducing bills trying to give illegal aliens drivers licenses - has a new trick: giving additional financial aid to illegal alien college students. The following is from 1/30/06 and was written by the California GOP, but since their site doesn't work too well this is the link:
Democrats in the state legislature have had a busy year so far. They have tried to keep the punishment for a person possessing 24 items of child pornography from qualifying as a felony, they have produced legislation to put a moratorium on the death penalty, and "One Bill Gil" re-introduced his pet bill to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

Senator Cedillo must have decided it was time to go for a new nickname, because today his legislation to give Cal Grants to illegal immigrants, SB 160, passed in the Senate 23-12.

Senator Cedillo's bill allows for illegal immigrants attending California colleges and universities to qualify to receive Cal Grants and other state financial aid as permitted by federal law. This could increase the cost of providing student financial aid by millions of dollars every year. Over time, the state would be responsible for an additional annual cost in the low ten millions as the number of eligible applicants increases and the maximum Cal Grant award rises.

There are already pending lawsuits over the fact that current state law allows for illegal immigrants to pay the lower in-state resident tuition when attending public colleges and universities that is not offered to legal citizens of out-of-state residents. Senator Cedillo's bill is likely to spark additional litigation and force taxpayers to pay for the defense of this inexcusable law...


im a illegal but raised american, i can say im proud of my roots, but i didnt walk out along with my class mates. Because i do want the american dream of a license and aid for a senior in orange county and i focust more on my classwork that day.Belive it or not alot of people that WALKED OUT were american born and have mexican or illegal parents.and im a good person and i dont get involved in anything else but my studies and that is why i think MR. GIL has a GREAT idea in giving every illegal not just mexican illegals but asians and africans, a fair chance to be at least able to get an education in the country that in my opinion has a great stable government and economic system.

Cedillo is okay

Gil Cedillo is a pain in my ass. Everybody in politics (city, county, state, and federal) is a pain in my ass. I know what you're thinking--you're thinking that boofugg's ass must be awfully painful! Poor old boofugg must be paranoid! Here's a test you can do to find out whether boofugg is truly paranoid or really does have legitimate pains all up in his ass: Call up any city, county, state, or federal politician. Then ask them this question: IS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION A BAD THING? When you get the answer, you will suddenly feel a horrible pain directly in your ass too.

If it were up to "one bill Gill" he would hand the entire state of Callifornia over to the illegal immigrants. Oh yeah...I forgot, they already have...never mind.

and you wonder why the state teetering on the verge of financial crisis. sometimes you have to bottom out before people actually care. but don't expect politicians to do anything about it since both parties will do anything for the hispanic vote. it's too bad that the african-american community gets forgotten in all of this. god forbid we help our own before leeches from other countries...........