LULAC discredits self again with embarassing website

The League of United Latin American Citizens opened a web site in December called Their idea was to fight back against various Minuteman groups that put up pictures of alleged illegal aliens and the contractors who employed them. Now, they've taken it down. They claim it was because they'd received threats from those who wouldn't identify themselves.

While LULAC's credibility is highly questionable to begin with, this parting shot is particularly hard to believe: making terrorist threats is illegal, and law enforcement agencies are quite adept at finding out who's making them.

There also appears to be a tiny bit of friction between their HQ and their Massachusetts group:

Local LULAC members have said they had no role in creating the Web site, which also showed photos of people in Texas, Virginia and California. But Laura Medrano of Framingham, LULAC’s Northeast regional vice president, said she called the national office and asked them to take down photos of William LaBarge and Mal Schulze.
"I asked them to take down pictures of Mr. LaBarge and Mr. Schulze," she said. "They have not intimidated anybody. There is no indication they have ties to white supremacists."

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Take a look at this:

It's satire, but there's a lot of truth in what's said. The LULAC and Mecha folks are so racist it's unreal. But the powers that be only want whites classified as racist. I suppose most of the LULAC fools aren't even smart enough to see their hypocrisy.

I don't know what they were thinking. A website like that can only do more harm than good.

"white supremacists"

I have no doubt that anyone who does not think it is a good idea to allow immigration to overturn the basic demographic identity of the United States of America as a majority white nation would be labeled as a 'white supremacist'.