Karen E. Crummy of Denver Post confused about "American" concept

The DP reports on 1/7's "National Day of Protest" against illegal immigration in "Immigration dispute flares at center". It includes this unbelievable paragraph:

The illegal immigrants, said Eric Tavares, have taken jobs away from "real" Americans.

Memo to the Denver Post: illegal aliens are not Americans, they are by definition citizens of another country. While there's the possibility they only put that in quotes because Tavares said that, isn't it correct? And, isn't it highly misleading to include it in quotes like that? In any case, an editor should have caught that and made clear what Tavares was saying, and what the DP itself was saying.

Of course, things like this shouldn't be a surprise based on the DP's history. In 2002, they collaborated with the Denver Mexican Consulate on a front-page PIIPP. More on that incident here, here, and here.

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The Denver Post employs "editors".

I like to refer to illegal immigration enthusiasts, corporate offshoring cheerleaders, and brain-dead multiculturalists as "Americans". People like that seem to regard American citizenship as just an irrelevant geohistorical accident, so I'm sure they would disapprove of being called Americans. I'm happy to help them out by supplying the irony quotes.