HOTW: "Mexican president criticizes increased U.S. border enforcement"

That's the headline to this article. "HOTW" means "Headline of the Week".

Over to Vicente Fox:

"This situation we're seeing, a shameful, embarrassing moment where walls are being built, security systems are being reinforced, and human and labor rights are being violated more and more, won't protect the economy of the United States..."

Well, it's good to know that he recognizes that even more illegal immigration from his country could adversely affected our economy.

"It would be hard to know what would happen to the economy of the United States if it wasn't for the enormous contribution, the productivity, the quality of work of our countrymen in that country..."

Could we please try? Would Sr. Fox allow us that?

"What the United States needs is a young (work) force, energy, quality, productivity, which is what keeps that economy competitive and the only way it can stop losing jobs to Asia, to China..."

That's code for an EU-style "North American Community", something that would reduce American sovereignty even lower than Fox has been able to do so far.

Now, it's time for irony:

Fox was in Reynosa supervising the Paisano Program, a government effort to clamp down on corrupt public officials and welcoming Mexican migrants coming home for the holidays.

If we could clamp down on corrupt public officials on our side of the border, those "migrants" wouldn't be able to come back.