Bush promotes "temporary" worker scheme, tries to pull wool even further over citizens' eyes

For the past four years, president Bush has managed to fool millions of Americans into thinking that he's the "homeland security" president. Figuring "once a sucker, always a sucker", he's now reiterated his push for a "temporary" worker scheme and pledging to get tough on border security.

Speaking today, he said in part:

"Together with Congress we are going to create a temporary worker program that is going to take pressure off the borders, bring workers out of the shadows... People in this debate must recognize that we will not be able to effectively enforce our immigration laws until we create a temporary worker program..."

The full WH fact sheet is at whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/11/20051128-3.html

Anyone who even pretends that these "guest" workers wouldn't stay here and end up bringing even their most distant cousins to join them is simply lying to you.

UPDATE: Video of the big speech here.


President Bush could solve the border problem by outsourcing our vegtable needs or raising the minimum wage to $10.00. If we outsourced our vegtable needs, we could sell to Mexico water from the Colorado river which we have choked off from going into Mexico. If we paid a living wage we could find someone to do those Mexican jobs. Bush's friends are the only ones profiting from op9ur border problem

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Everyone knows that this temporary worker plan will become a permenent worker plan. Who is going to make these people go home after 6 yrs. They will not do that now, so why would they do that then. Remember that they said that we are a compassionate nation that would not want to kick out all of these illegals. Everyone needs to let your reps. know that you do not want this amnesty plan. This would ultimately lead to even more illegal immigration if this were to pass, because it would reward these illegals as they would stay in our country and be eligible to receive social services legally.

and &%^%&^(*&)(**&^%%$^%$*& so what? hammmm, good god can't you people see what is happening?IUYVUUH

Raymond b. are you joking bush want nothing but our country become just like mexico and here is what mexico really is.

3 percent life like kings ( drug dealers and mexico political people )
7 percent are the mexican controllers of the mass
90 percent live under mass poverty and hate for the USA. Bush is nothing but a rat and his political connection to mexico and its rich families are well known outside the USA, But not inside the USA, Isn't that funny?

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I appreciate your unique comments on this issue. This is an issue that definitely deserves open and honest discussion. I was very interested to listen to the presidents

Bush the enemy of the usa and who will fall for this new evil of mass dismantling? sad to say it looks like your kids will live inside a third world country being run by mexican drug dealers.

just wait and see what evil comes your way, with this new plan of evil doers, against your life and against this nation, Bush a MEXICAN AL QAEDA GANG MEMBER.
What is funny to watch, are all the hispanic cops behind him at his little evil speech. a real rat for all seasons. where is bin laden when you need him?

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Bush immigration speech blurs the truth