NBC's Law & Order and their anti-Minuteman Project propaganda

nbc law and order minuteman smear

Wednesday's Law & Order from NBC featured an episode about a member of the "Countryman Project" murdering a trucker who smuggled illegal aliens in to the U.S. Details in "'Minuteman'-like murderers convicted on 'Law & Order'".

However, as you see in the screengrab from their site, they refer to it there as the "Minutemen", a name which I believe is a trademark. Now, NBC certainly has a lot of lawyers, but hopefully the MMP can find some of their own for what might just be a slamdunk case. Their promo, which I've cached just in case, also uses that trademark and not NBC's similar name.

While controversies sell, and some times the media creates a controversy simply to make money, I believe this goes a bit deeper. I believe this episode qualifies as propaganda. The writers and producers of the show are members of a certain class, what we might call the Nanny Employing Class: those who can afford a nanny and a housekeeper and other domestic servants. And, the last thing those people want to do is have their domestics be deported. The next to last thing those people want is for their domestics to think they're racists. And, since they aren't capable of understanding all the complexities inherent in illegal immigration - they're artists not thinkers - they come up with things like this.

The fact that propaganda such as this benefits those major corporations that profit off illegal labor may also play a part. After all, why bite the hands that might have advertising money in them.

And, apparently it was topsy-turvy land all over NBC: "NBC's E Ring: Christian Terroists Take Over Mosque!"

Please send a short, polite email to the president of NBC Entertainment letting him know what you think: Jeff.zucker *at* nbc.com


Listen up, first all the comments above are just a whole mess of crap. You think white people are all that and evryone else is shit. Well NO!!!!!!!
I think this NBC show was a perfect example of how things really are. MInuteman are a whole mess of trash. Everyone should be treated equally. You say Mexican are people of color. Well listen up.
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It's unbelievable that the Minutemen should be branded murderers for trying to defend their country! It's also inexcusable for NBC to use the Minuteman organization for their ratings sweeps. I hope that the Minuteman sue the pants off of NBC for slander and defamation! I wrote to MBC this morning after reading Michelle Malkin and told them I would never watch their network again, for all the good that did. Irresponsible people in the media seems to be everywhere today. You can

Follow the money if you want to understand this. NBC owns Telemundo, and who watches Spanish language TV? Illegal aliens! So the last thing NBC wants is for our immigration laws to be enforced. If they happen to smear patriotic citizens, well, if the President does it, it must be OK.

I saw an episode where a white guy was the bad guy. I was so mad. I boycotted the show. How dare they show white guys in a bad light!!! They haven't heard the last from me.