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ESPN Senior Writer, Times Columnist, Corriere dello Sport correspondent. Author of 4 books, most recently
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.@Marcotti: #ESPN is hyping #USAvJAM. More Americans could see it if MX had won: it'd be on Univision not hidden away on FS1. #MAGA
.@Marcotti @CBurleyESPN: #ESPN probs are because they show whole games maybe 15% of the day if that. Talk about #soccer but rarely show gms.
.@Marcotti: do you think #ESPN showing tennis & wrestling rather than any kind of soccer & baseball - even tape-delay - might be an issue?
.@JonChampionJC @Marcotti: #ESPN would pay less for foreign, offbrand, local feed soccer games and might get better ratings. Why don't they?
.@JonChampionJC @Marcotti: #ESPN plays 3 basketball games on 3 channels at same time. What sort of ratings do 2nd tier college games get?