Danbury newspaper threatened, called "traitors"

A Brazilian-oriented newspaper in Danbury, Connecticut took part in a WTNH-TV investigative report about illegal housing and documentation. Now, other Brazilian-oriented newspapers in that town have turned on them, including one calling them "Traitors". And, there have even been death threats. Details and pictures here:
Breno da Mata is the publisher of the newspaper Community News.

"They point out some stuff that's not their job," says da Mata. "Like what?" asks Alan Cohn. "They point out the bad stuff, bad things about the Brazilian community," says da Mata.

In an editorial, da Mata's newspaper says Tribuna should be punished, although it doesn't say how.

Another Brazilian newspaper The Immigrant calls for a revolt against Tribuna...
Of course, none of this would be an issue if those "immigrants" weren't here illegally. Waving a magic wand and making them legal won't solve the problem: more illegal aliens will just move in.

See also "New Haven CT to issue IDs for illegals".

UPDATE: See also "Boughton says immigration issue will remain at the top of his agenda":
Mayor Mark Boughton said he will keep illegal immigration at the top of his agenda as he starts his third term in City Hall... In fact, the Republican said his controversial stance on the issue helped win him re-election by a wide margin Tuesday... "People are very much concerned about illegal immigration in Danbury. That is evident. I think it was one of the top two or three issues in the election," Boughton said. "The public is genuinely frustrated."


Yep, I voted for Boughton because of the illegal alien problem. I'm living it here in dirty Danbury and its a bloody nightmare. Dead bodies at houses of prostitution and on the streets, poor police enforcement because of low department employement (no contract) and no clear rules on dealing with the problem kills morale. We native borns are voting for him for now before voting with our feet and movin' outta here! Too close the Bill and Hillary "Rotten" Clit-tons over the border in Chappaqua anyway.

So the guys at this newspaper are now called traitors to what mexico? this is what you get when you don't have laws or a government of and by the people. we will see in the coming years mexican drug dealer taking political power here and calling for all non hispanics to be removed from what the rats called the lost land of mexico, meaning all parts of the USA. It will happen and you won't have any power to stop this coming evil, see history of world war two, 1919 to 1945 the coming of hitler, he will be a mexican this time!..by the wat white are the minority in this world and you if you let it will end your days on this earth inside a death camp, see the evil power of mexican nazis money coming into that low life country. think that is nut's do you the jews once said the same thing a-long-time-ago. but remember you won't have a U.S.Army or a USSR\ENGLAND To free you from the death camps, my little children.

death to all the enemies of the USA.

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