Boston Globe does hit piece on Kerry Healey

The Globe continues their sleaze with "Healey tuition remarks draw outrage". See "Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly supports illegal immigration (Massachusetts)" for the backstory. As the last link says, Reilly wants to take discounted college educations away from citizens and give them to illegal aliens. And, he called in to a WRKO radio show on which Healey was appearing. Reports indicate that it made Reilly look like a fool, and now the Globe has stepped in to try to save his bacon.

On the radio, she said "Let them go to private schools if they want to". Why should citizens and legal immigrants support illegal aliens, and give them more than they get?

What is the Globe's malfunction? Why would they subtitle the report "She takes a swipe at undocumented"? Why would they concentrate on this angle of the story and quote far-left, pro-illegal immigration groups, rather than concentrating on the fact that the AG of their state wants to ignore laws he doesn't like? Why don't they concentrate on the citizens and legal immigrants who would be harmed by this bill?

Please write to ombud *at* and let them know what you think.

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