TV stations misleading about assault at anti-Arnold rally?

Previously I offered "True face of Democratic Party: union thugs attack woman at anti-Arnold rally": she had her cap pulled off, she was beaten with signs, and one of the security workers ripped up her signs.

Now, speaking on KFI, the victim of the assault claims it was even worse than what was shown on TV. She says the pro-union forces also poured water on her head and threw things at her. And, she says that several TV stations must have filmed that.

Yet, only a small - but highly disturbing - segment of the attack was shown on just two Los Angeles TV stations.

She'll be appearing on Hannity and Colmes tomorrow night, so hopefully they'll be able to find the full footage from, for instance, Fox's local affiliate.

As I said before: if you're on the fence or you're a reasonable person who opposes these propositions for some reason, watch the video. And, send the link to the video to everyone else so they can see what the other side really is.