Richmond Kentucky halts plan to issue ID cards to illegal aliens

From Richmond postpones immigrant ID program amid confusion:
A "misunderstanding" between city officials and a migrant outreach has delayed a controversial plan for the city to offer identification cards to immigrants.

"We were under the impression it was for legal residents," City Manager David Evans said Monday. "The Hispanic outreach office wanted it to be offered to everyone," regardless of their immigration status.

The city is asking federal immigration officials for an opinion on whether the program conforms to agency regulations. National experts said last week Richmond would be the first municipality in the country to offer immigrant ID cards...
Oddly enough, I have trouble believing Evans. However, I have no trouble believing that almost all "Hispanic outreach offices" would be willing to put their race above this country's laws. The AP also says this:
The cards would help immigrants do things most people take for granted, such as writing a check in a store.
Awww... What sort of mean-spirited xenophobe would deny "immigrants" their right to do things "most people take for granted"? Note, of course, that the AP doesn't go in to all the downsides of this scheme.

Send an email to feedback *at* and let them know their bias is leading them to be an even more inaccurate source. The earlier article "Hispanic advocates press for ID cards" has some more interesting quotes:
[Mayor's Hispanic Workforce Development Task Force co-chair Alayne White says:] "It clearly is a very sensitive issue... When you bring up the issue of not having documentation or being here in the country illegally, that stirs passion in people."
Well, obviously people are going to get slightly upset when they see local officials doing something that would probably be against federal law and would allow local businesses to make money off illegality. Just slightly upset. Of course, on the other side, this also stirs up race-based passions:
[Josh Santana, attorney and president of the Lexington Hispanic Association says:] "Some of the opposition is rooted in bigotry. Some of the opposition is rooted in fear. Some of the opposition is rooted in the concept that we're rewarding folks for having done something wrong," he said. But issuing the cards is "the just and right thing to do... We as a society have a moral obligation to do what we can to protect those God has placed in our midst," Santana said.
A hat trick to Josh, as he scores with the race card, the xenophobic fear card, and the churchy card all in just two paragraphs. One might think those "immigrants" just fell out of the sky into their city, when in actual fact they were pulled and pushed there by corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, and the corrupt oligarchy of Mexico.