Is the South Florida Sun-Sentinel an American newspaper?

I have my doubts after reading Many migrants flocking to Gulf Coast are exploited, advocates say from William E. Gibson and Ihosvani Rodriguez.

It starts with twelve paragraphs describing various abuses those "migrants" (for you who prefer the truth, they're illegal aliens) are enduring, followed by this transition:

Despite these problems, immigrant workers could become an important part of the reconstruction, just as they have helped communities in Florida and other states that needed labor to build facilities or recover from natural disasters.

And, that's followed by several more paragraphs with a standard discussion of immigration "reform".

In my world - one hopefully shared by 90% of Americans - the idea that illegal aliens are taking rebuilding jobs that should be going to our own citizens - especially those affected by the storm - is shocking and despicable. With hundreds of thousands of Americans thrown out of work by a horrific natural disaster, the idea that anyone would support importing illegal aliens to do jobs that our own citizens could do is distinctly un-American.

Yet, oddly enough, there's nothing in this article that would give anyone any indication that this might not be such a good thing.

Plus, if the jobs were going to American workers, any abuses would have severe ramifications. And, their whole article wouldn't have had to be written, freeing up those reporters for more important tasks.

Does the South Florida Sun-Sentinel support illegal aliens taking jobs from Americans? If they don't perhaps they should start writing articles about what steps are being taken (if any) to get our own citizens working to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

Let's ask Gail Bulfin, their "reader editor": gbulfin *at*


It is obvious that construction businesses are using illegal aliens to drive down US wages to a degree that it is impossible to live a middle-class life on them. I recently read that many carpenters in S FL are making less than they did over 20 years ago. Not less when you factor in inflation but less as an actual wage. Are home prices decreasing? Well, no; they are at record levels.

Americans are free to apply for any of those jobs, idiot.