Georgia murders prompt calls for reform

Remember Randall Robinson's wild allegation? Well, he's got competition from Tisha R. Tallman, the "southeast regional counsel with the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund".

She comments on the recent robbery-murders of illegal aliens in the guest editorial "Stop anti-immigrant violence". As I predicted, an "immigrants rights" group has stepped into the breach to call for reform:
Our current broken immigration system has fueled, among other things, violence against contributing members of our community.

I am referring to the recent murders, beatings and rape of Latino agricultural farm workers in South Georgia. Has our society gotten to the point that labels such as "illegal" connote "otherness" to such a degree that our immigrant brothers and sisters are beaten to death as a matter of course?
Considered in isolation, those allegations are bordering on the insane. The perps were apparently black, a fact that isn't mentioned in her screed. Were they motivated by racism or xenophobia or anti-immigrant sentiment, or were they motivated by money? Has beating to death illegal aliens been made a reduced charge, or is it just as illegal as legal residents and citizens?

But, wait, there's an even more inflammatory allegation to come:
Instead, we ignore the dysfunctional immigration system and go after the individual immigrants who are trying to provide for their families. We are quick to point out scarce resources, job loss and depressed wages, without digging deeper. Now, the blood is on all our hands.


If these weren't hate crimes then the victims left in the aftermath of Katrina weren't victims of political and economic prejudice.

Yes, it is murder and murder must be punished by death or life in prison. However, it's a known fact that there are hispanic and african american gangs that have a strong hatred for each other based on race alone. And by the way, there is truly only one race, the human race, with many different cultures. I wish all people were aware of this, then maybe they would see our similarities instead of our differences.


"most upstanding members"

It doesn't really matter if they were or not, does it? Murder is murder, the worst of crimes, and the authorities should come down on this hard for no other reason than that.

But of course they -- the authorities, with plenty of help -- will come up with another and even better publicized reason: a heaping load of self-righteous political correctness, let loose because the victims were non-white and 'immigrants'.

The rest of your comment is more than germane, as it is beyond dispute, as this study and other data make perfectly clear, that the problem of crime by illegals is a far larger and more serious one than crime against them.

This is the usual leftist line to try to silence anyone who would violate taboos against mentioning the evil side of immigration. Some immigrants or illegal aliens got murdered, but somehow we're supposed to just believe that it wouldn't have happened if no immigration restrictionism were ever spoken of. If a rich businessman is murdered, do leftists suddenly acquire conscience and integrity, enough to say: we regret having told people to kill the rich? Are leftist professors going to warn us of the dangers of execuphobia? Restrictionism, even nativism and isolationism don't say: "kill the foreigners"; but leftism does say to kill the bourgeoisie, when the glorious day of revolution comes.

Just a guess, but I'll bet the individuals who were killed were not exactly the community's most upstanding members. Many of these "people who are here to do jobs Americans won't do" are also doing things most of us wouldn't do: stealing someone else's identity, driving drunk with no license or insurance, beating their wives or girlfriends, committing welfare fraud, you name it. I am not saying they deserved what they got, but people who are engaged in petty criminal activity usually aren't too bright and often fail to realize when they become the target of more serious criminals for whom armed robbery, battery, and even murder are no big deal.